Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011 Resolutions - Pointers

1-a) Spend Less Money and Save More
1-b) Save More Money or Make More Money, either way you are good.
2-a) Eat Less Calories and Burn More
2-b) Fit to Fitter, In Just 10-15 minutes a day.  300 reps of pushups, squats, dips and crunches.
3) Hate Less and Love More
4) Sleep Less and Work More
5-1) Work Hard and Play Harder
5-b) Work Hard and Smart (Be more efficient)
6) Spend Less time with your virtual friends on "Facebook" (Web). Spend More time with your REAL FAMILY (especially your Children) and FRIENDS.
7) Quit Tobacco and Eat more Spinach & Broccoli
8) Quit Alcohol and Drink more Water (at least 2 liter / day)
9) Quit the old nasty nagging habits and Learn something new, something fun, useful and productive.
10) Organize things, Organize your paper work, Organize will make life much easier.
11) Go Green, I mean Greener.  Reduce, Reuse and Recycle Everything (mostly) possible.  Save Mother Earth.
12) Learn to play at least one Song on Guitar (or your favorite musical instrument)
13) Read at least One Good Book and then read another and another.
14) Meditate

These are some of the pointers I've always had in my mind.  I already do or follow a lot of them and not do some of them.  For e.g. I don't Smoke, I don't consume Alcohol, I am a Vegetarian, I am not Obese etc. etc.  But there are a lot on this list that I need to work on and will be....In the mean time I will be putting on some details on the above list pretty soon.  If you've got some then please share your resolutions and experiences!

Happy 2011!

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