Friday, January 28, 2011

Whining is for Sissies. Meet A Real Hero - Rick Ball

People whine.  Period.  Whether you agree with me or not but I can "almost" guarantee you that you did in last 24 hours, atleast once...Be Honest.  I know, I do, (didn't in last 24 hours) every once in a while, I do.  I always find something to whine's not that difficult at all. :)  Because this world and life is full of challenging variables and difficult surprises and we "normal people" don't like difficult things in our everyday life, it's beyond our comfort zone. We need to do a lot of juggling to maintain order and not everyone knows how to juggle, let alone try to be an expert in it.  So, my point is, Everybody (I mean every living organism on this planet) faces problems and challenges, every single day in their lives.  Some choose to ignore them, some choose to close their eyes, some choose to see the other way, some choose to walk the other way, some choose to hop over the problems, some choose to bring somebody else in front of them and their real problem and they think these problems would magically disappear but do they?  May be for a short while for some but in the end these problems multiply and come back even harder than ever before in their lives.....and there are a small percentage who are MAN enough to stay Bold with their Rock solid intentions and determination to face any problem in their lives.  These are the ones who survive life's most painfull tests.  These are real Heroes. Rick Ball  is one of them.  I came across this very inspirational short video that I couldn't resist sharing....This is mainly to motivate myself for everything I don't do that I need to do and keep my on the ground and appreciate what I have.

Rick is from Canada and who is 44 now, lost his leg about 24 years ago in a motorcycle accident and was tore apart by this.  One day his brother took him to the hospital and he saw that "other people are facing even tougher challenges than him missing one leg"  This experience pushed him to change his attitude and move on or be miserable the rest of his life.  He decided to move on with a positive attitude and broke several World Records in running.  It's a very touching and motivating video, please see it and do something in your lives whenever you feel down. 


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