Wednesday, January 25, 2012

SuperWoman - Elinor Sauerwein and A SuperMan - Bill Gates

I came across a very Interesting piece of well researched article by  It's worth sharing so here it is,  What is more interesting about this article is not that Bill Gates has donated about $28 Billion as of 2007 or he saved about few Million lives, but the Multiplier Effect he has created.  Warren Buffet and Bill Gates has convinced about 69 Rich people so far, who signed up for his foundation. According to which, these rich people pledged to donate more than 50% of their wealth to charities before they die.  Very touching, it needs heart to do that.  Mind you as much as I (and you too) liked Steve Jobs (Founder of Apple inc.) his name is not in this list.  Both Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are visionaries.  Both of them created technologies that touched or changed Billions of lives for better.  But Kudos to Bill Gates for donating half of his wealth for saving millions of lives and convincing so many rich people to do the same.

Here is an even more super interesting article I just came across, the title says it all but you can still read it at,
'Poor' Woman Leaves Close to $2 Million to Salvation Army  
Elinor, is one SuperWoman that needs worth mentioning over and over.  She was never rich and never lived with any luxory.  She would put the most frugal of frugal person to shame.  Yes, she was ULTRA FRUGAL with one Goal, She wanted to donate the money she would save to The Salvation Army.  And She did.  She donated about $1.8 Million to Salvation Army.  Hats off to Elinor.  Another Lesson Learned.


Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Holstee Manifesto

The Holstee Manifesto

Indeed, It is your Life and It is short.  Make the most out of it by focusing your energy on the positive things in life.  This Awesome Holstee Manifesto says a lot already so I won't put my 2 cents in it 'cause it won't do justice to it.  One question for everyone reading this, How much of the above lessons have you incorporated in your lives?  
Simple rule, Try to inspire, motivate or help at least "ONE" person a day.  Let's see what happens....