Saturday, February 25, 2012

Typographic Portraits

Best Typographic Portraits

A collection of Master Pieces of Typographic Brilliance by Various Digital Artists.  These are all done using Photoshop along with Highly Technical knowledge and hours and hours of hard work and perspiration....All Credits to their respective Master Artists and the photographers whose photos were used by these artists.  

Albert Einstein

Bob Marley - Jonas Fleuraime

Bob Marley - Jonas Fleuraime

Dalai Lama - By Yatu-Ex

Bob Marley - By Cris Wicks

Michael Jordon - By Ziarekenya Smith

Mahatma Gandhi - By Dencii Manayak

Mother Teresa - Dencii Manayak
Nine Inch Nails - By Max Dominguez

Steve Jobs - By Dylan Roscover

Barack Obama - By Dylan Roscover

Bruce Lee

Jim Morrison - By Juan Osborne

Madonna - By Juan Osborne

Barack Obama - By Juan Osborne

Artists: I tried to put your original names with the Artworks. If I have omitted any information by error then please email me so that I can correct it.  It is suggested that viewers please purchase the originals from their respective creators and if you are using these images on your blogs then please credit the original Artists.  I simply put them here in one place to display these Master pieces and to respect the artists.

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